Beacon High Pool

Situated in East Islington, Beacon High School has a 25 metre swimming pool. It has changing and shower rooms, small waiting area. Bike racks are located to the left of the building entrance.

Pool rules, please:

  1. In the reception area keep in front of the pool and office doors clear, allowing pool staff free access to this area. Please refrain from standing or placing chairs in this immediate area so the pathway is clear between office and pool.
  2. Keep a close eye on non-swimming siblings both in the reception area and importantly also in the car park area. If they are outside, please be with them.
  3. If your swimmer is showering on poolside, instruct them to keep their costumes on - private shower cubicles are available if required.
  4. If your swimmer is beach ready then it's ok for them to undress in the lobby and proceed to the poolside. However if they need to put their costumes on, use the changing rooms.
  5. As parents and carers, if you need to help your swimmer get changed in the changing room before or after the session then it's ok to enter the pool and changing area. But once this is done go back into the reception area and avoid distracting the teachers and coaches as they conduct their lessons or squads.
  6. Do not leave belongings in changing rooms. You can use of the lockers available or have your children bring their items out to you in the lobby. There aren't enough changing rooms for the swimmers of the next session to get changed if the current swimmers have them all reserved.

Tel: 0207 689 1476

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