Squads & Session Times

Anaconda Swimming Club is organised around a number of squads, each of which has a number of qualifying criteria. Questions should be addressed to head coach, Joe Grubb.

Anaconda do not offer a Masters programme. For those looking to find one, we recommend trying out the Cally Masters who swim in the same pools as we do.

We encourage swimmers to attend as many sessions as possible every week in order to give themselves the best opportunity of being competitive with others in their age group. The rate of progress increases significantly with every additional session attended.

The Guide to Swim Competitions provides swimmers and parents with information about the different types of competitions, how to chose the right meet, and what criteria are applied to the various squads. These documents are a good starting point for new parents and swimmers joining, or wanting to join, an Anaconda Squad.



Download the new timetable (Last updated: 4 October 2023)

Venue information here

Squad information was sent out by email by Joe via Team Unify.