Welcome to Anaconda Swimming Club! 

This guide is for parents who are new to Anaconda who would like to know the fundamentals of competitive swimming as well as existing squad parents. We transitioned towards the new squad structure as of 1 October 2023. This sees us increase our level of collaboration with Hackney Aquatics under the direction of David Broadbent, our Director of Swimming sitting across both clubs.

Main objectives:

● Create an environment in the performance pathway that is focussed on excellence.

● Allow for the fastest and most committed age group swimmers to train together in a pathway with a clear long-term goal.

● Create a space for swimmers who can commit less, or are still developing towards the required standard, to train regularly in a competitive environment and progress as circumstances change.

● Maintain proximities along clear pathways and between peer groups.

● Enable greater fluidity for swimmers/coaches to enact movement across pathways to best suit their evolving needs and levels of commitment.

As a club we remain committed to inclusion and so would encourage anyone who feels that fees for their desired squad might be an issue please contact our Treasurer to discuss what support might be available. These criteria are a guide, and all decisions will be made at the discretion of the coaching team.

If you have any questions after reading this guide, please email Squads.


New Structure Rationale

The new structure builds on the success of the combined National Performance squad, in effect from January 2024, and sees us move to four combined squads across Performance Plus, Performance, Regional Age and Regional Development. We expect this to raise swimming standards and give swimmers more opportunity to increase their experience through meeting new swimmers and having access to additional pool facilities.

The County, Academy and Fitness Squads remain solely within Anaconda and continue with a similar programme as per prior to the restructure.

The guide lays out the rationale for the changes, the commitment criteria and swimming level for each squad, and the potential development pathways. It also details the fees for each squad which have taken effect from 1 October 2023. For a copy of the guide, please contact us.



Anaconda is non-for profit - the fees cover our pool costs, wages and insurance costs. Any surplus is used to rebuild the club's financial resilience post the covid pandemic and in time will be used to build up our bursary fund. The fee adjustments for the four combined squads represent the commensurate level of swim provision, the increased level of gym access that we now have in the programme, as well as cost increases we have borne as a club over the last year.

Our typical financial year sees us adjust our fees in January each year however we have brought this forward for the combined squads given this restructure. Anaconda only squads will be adjusted in January in accordance with the normal timetable. The document includes comparison to equivalent squads in our previous structure which we have looked at closely in developing the new fee structure.


New Squad Pathway