Training Kit Guidelines

All the equipment in your kit bag should have the swimmers name on as many swimmers have the same equipment and it is very easily picked up by the wrong person.

Necessary equipment varies per squad and is listed on the squad page.

Kit Bag

Every competitive swimmer should have a kit bag which holds all of the swimmers key equipment which will be listed below. It is also referred to as a mesh bag so the bag can be placed on poolside and not hold the water from the wet surface.

Training Fins

The fins that competitive swimmers wear are a lot smaller than your average fins you may find elsewhere. They are to give the swimmer a little boost while kicking but not too much otherwise it would be too easy!


These come in lots of shapes and sizes. Paddles help a swimmer hold the water better by offering a larger surface area to pull the water with. Depending on the preference of the swimmer, you can choose between a paddle with straps or a paddle without. They both work the same but different swimmers prefer different types so it may be a good idea to try a few out before purchasing. What size? Typically - the bigger the swimmer, the bigger the paddle. You can also get finger paddles which I would recommend to younger/smaller swimmers who may find it difficult to wear the bigger paddles.


These are used to isolate the legs during kick sets and they can be used for recovery between sets. We recommend getting a sturdy board with hand supports offering swimmers comfort while kicking.

Pull Buoy

Floats that go in between swimmers legs to stop them from kicking/sinking. This will increase the strength in a swimmers upper body as the legs won’t be in action.


Used to focus on technique by preventing the need to breathe by moving the head, therefore allowing a swimmer to spend more time perfecting a drill.

Water Bottle

We require every swimmer to have a water bottle on poolside to ensure they stay hydrated. Although a swimmer is still in the water, they are working very hard and still sweating out vital fluids so having a water bottle on poolside is a must.

Swimming Cap

Swimming caps have multiple purposes. They reduce water resistance while swimming, are more hygienic than swimming without one, and they help coaches recognise our swimmers at competition as they proudly represent the club. It is always nice for parents in the stands to spot an Anaconda cap so they can cheer them on!


We highly recommend having at least 2 pairs of goggles at all times in case one pair breaks. There are training goggles and racing goggles. Training goggles tend to be cheaper and more comfortable. Racing goggles are significantly more expensive but have a more sophisticated style and hydrodynamic fit.

Swim Wear

There are different types of swimming costumes for each occasion. In training, swimmers should prioritise a costume that is comfortable. At competitions, swimmers can use a racing costume which is much tighter and therefore hydrodynamic. These are considerably more expensive, but not a necessity for young swimmers.

Team Kit

At competitions, it is important for swimmers to keep warm before racing. Putting on the team tracksuit top and bottoms is a great way to represent your club and keep yourself warm.

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Anaconda Kit
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